When is the best time to go to Paris

Paris is beautiful at any time of the year. In spring, the French capital is decorated with flowering chestnut trees, in summer it is washed with fountains, in autumn it is covered with a golden blanket, and in winter it glows with bright lights. In each of these periods, the city is unique, and therefore the choice of time for a trip depends on your goals and preferences. So, when is the best time to go to Paris?

Paris in spring

Even a person who is stingy with emotions, seeing the French capital in April or May, will be delighted with its beauty. Flowerbeds with delicate crocuses, green crowns of trees, blooming fuchsias on the balconies of Parisians… These are just some of the strokes of that exquisite spring landscape that appears before the eyes of tourists and Parisians. It seems that the city has descended from the canvases of the great impressionists.

Of course, spring in Paris is imbued with romance. In spring, you can fully enjoy walks through the atmospheric streets and squares, wonderful Parisian gardens and parks. For example, the Luxembourg Gardens, which is one of the favorite places of Parisians. And if you climb to the top of Montmartre, then Paris will appear before you at a glance, especially from the observation deck of the Sacré Coeur Basilica. The country residences of Fontainebleau and Versailles are decorated with flowers in spring and are not yet as crowded with tourists as in summer, which will allow you to feel even better the era of kings, intrigues and musketeers.

Paris in spring

Paris in summer

It is difficult to find a place on the map where summer is not considered the peak tourist season. Paris is no exception. Summer in Paris indulges with warm nights and bright sun during the day. City life switches to round-the-clock mode. Open-air parties, street theater festivals, various free concerts are held. Only from June to September, the towers of Paris are open until late in the evening.

In August, the native monasteries of the capital, as a rule, leave for vacations, and Paris is left to the mercy of tourists. August is characterized by stuffy and hot weather, and therefore during this period it is worth paying special attention to the wonderful Parisian parks and gardens. In addition, comfortable beaches with sun loungers and umbrellas are equipped on the banks of the Seine in summer.

If you are lucky, in the summer you can witness a unique event here – the Dinner in White flash mob. It is held once a year. Thousands of people in white clothes gather in one of the most beautiful places in Paris and, having taken out folding tables and chairs, begin to dine. An unforgettable sight!

And knowing the secluded corners of Paris and unusual sights will help you take a break from the abundance of tourists – we talk about some of them in the article “Unknown Paris”.

Paris in summer

Paris in autumn

The magnificent withering of nature, about which Alexander Pushkin wrote magnificently in his time, manifests itself in all its glory in the French capital. Warm weather is favorable for long walks and inspirational exploration of the sights of Paris, and if it suddenly overtakes you with rain, you can always wait out the bad weather with a cup of aromatic coffee in the nearest coffee shop. And autumn evenings are so pleasant to spend in Parisian cafes and restaurants.

On autumn evenings, theaters and cabarets open their doors to tourists. If you don’t like them, then the famous Notre Dame Cathedral and the Madeleine Church regularly host organ music concerts. Leaves rustle underfoot in parks and gardens, and a poetic and slightly melancholic atmosphere reigns in the air.

One of the most interesting events in the autumn of Paris is the grape harvest festival. This holiday has been held since 1934. From all over the country, stars come to it to solemnly pour young wine. And then a musical performance begins on the stage, farmers sell their goods in stalls, fireworks are heard in the sky. It won’t be boring here.

trip to paris in autumn

Paris in winter

Since the end of November, Paris has been dressed in festive “clothes” and Christmas lights. In winter, there is no abundance of snow, most often it rains. Therefore, it is good to devote this period to museums. There are countless of them in Paris, and it can take several days to see the Louvre alone (depending on how intensively you inspect it). It is also worth a look at the Museum of the Palace of Versailles, the Salvador Dali Museum, the Victor Hugo Museum, the National Cultural Center. Georges Pompidou.

For those who like to skate, there are free ice skating rinks in Paris. They are located not only in residential areas, but also in the tourist center. For example, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and the foot of City Hall. In order to go out on the ice, you need to pay only for the rental of skates.

Shoppers will also be pleased with the winter sales, which are held in Paris from mid-January to the end of February.

travel to paris in winter

Whenever you go to Paris, remember that this city must be explored slowly, enjoying every moment – just like Parisians enjoy their morning coffee. Tune in for bright and pleasant impressions and conquer the French capital!