5 things about casinos that only casino employees know

Casinos are Disneyland for adults. Much has been written about what goes on behind the scenery of the Mickey Mouse parks. But what can tell the secret casino dealers? Read on, it will be oh-so-exciting!

Once a persistent American correspondent decided to find out from the dealers Mohegan Sun, what is not supposed to tell customers (by the way, Mohegan Sun is one of the largest casinos in the United States). And here’s what he was able to find out.

Buy your diapers before you play

Literally every inch of casino flooring and chair upholstery is soaked in various human excretions. Have you ever wondered what players do when they have to go to the bathroom and can’t get away because there’s a big pot on the line? It turns out they just do pee-pee and other things in their pants.

The casino dealer told me that at the end of his shift he sometimes gets sick from the stench. Mohegan-San has an entire eco-cleaning team that, on signal from employees, picks up the sugared chairs and cleans them. Admittedly, dealers are not always quick to respond, and on more than one occasion, new players have seen brown or yellow streaks on the upholstery after pulling out a chair from behind a table.

Casino security guards have repeatedly observed pictures of customers leaving while covering their pants. Sometimes that didn’t help, though — the marks of the crime were dragging the players across the floor.

Remember that we’re not talking about the back alley or the bushes, but the luxurious Mohegan Sun? Do you see now why casino carpets necessarily have mottled designs with yellow and brown motifs? It simply reduces the cleaning costs of gambling houses.

Important! Information for the players: the guards in the casinos do not watch porn at home (sick of it!), because they have to watch what’s going on under the gaming tables at work. Yes, yes, there are cameras installed to detect cheating, although more often employees are watching something else..

Security at Indian casinos is dangerous for players

Fact: Technically, casino security guards can’t detain or search you. Their job is strictly “watch and report.” But at Mohegan WS, like all Indian gambling establishments, tribal laws apply. Like any sovereign state, Indian lands have their own police force. For example, in Mohegan Sun, it is the Mohegan Tribal Police who provide security for the casinos. They don’t just keep people here, there are no fat hogs who wipe their asses and chokehogs who are intimidated by their own shadows.

The tribal police are tough, muscular guys with tasers, batons and pistols that they can legally use to tame a violent player. Keep that in mind when you go to casinos in the Indian states!

Customer revenge catches up with the dealers

At Mohegan Sun, the employee parking lot is about a quarter mile from the casino. And it’s a dangerous place for dealers. The man who told the reporter his stories complained that he himself and his buddies are frequently attacked by people who have lost at the casino.

He asked to write that dealers have no control over the cards and cannot influence the outcome of a deal, even if they wanted to. But they are often the last people a customer sees before they lose everything. The dealer said that it’s the crotch of the staff that suffers most – the offended players are eager to give the dealer a good kick in the croupier’s bottom!

Fortunately, said the Mohegan Sun employee, each of the dealers has a panic button in case of an emergency. So don’t try to retaliate against a croupier unless you’re going to become a punching bag for security personnel.

Every gambling element of the casino is designed to ruin the customer

Poker pros and masters of other games beat the casino, but the average customer off the street has little to gain. The Mohegan Sun dealer advised amateurs to only play blackjack, as they have the highest (48%) win percentage here.

He also strongly advised not to linger in the casino if you win, as the staff will do everything possible to entice you to play more. And of course, that’s when you lose all your chips!

The best kept secret

Everything in the casino is done to lure the customer to the gaming tables, roulette or machines. Therefore, everything else here is not too expensive, as it serves only as bait. If you’re not a gambling man and want to get a lot of impressions, then welcome to the large gambling complexes!

Here you will be offered: free (not always, but often) food and drinks, shows and concerts, MMA sport fights and boxing duels, discounts on hotel rooms and luxury spa treatments. Just show that you have a lot of money, and you immediately get a lot of good deals. And then all you have to do is enjoy it. But it’s a secret, don’t tell anyone!