The best rides at Disneyland Paris

One of the most frequently asked questions about Disneyland Paris is: Where do I start? What are the best attractions at Disneyland Paris? Of course, ideally, all you need is time to do everything and try everything! But sometimes, because of lines, overwork, or short stays, you have to choose. How do you make that choice so you don’t waste precious time and go wrong with the attractions? Of course, you must first calculate some criteria: personal preferences, height and age of the children, if you come to the park with them. Keeping all the above in mind, we’ll help you make your choice…

The best rides at Disneyland Paris

Pirates of the Carribean

Hey ho! Yes, the number one attraction in your hearts will be Pirates of the Caribbean! Located at Adventureland in Disneyland Park, will take you back to the great age of piracy. Featuring treasure, curses, cannonballs, ships and of course pirates! After an update in 2016, the soundtrack has been changed, in favor of that of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. There’s also a nice addition of animation from Captain Jack Sparrow, the friendliest pirate of the 7 seas. Along the water and on board the boat you can experience different emotions, admire the decorations of hidden treasures and smell that sweet smell of freedom … But also the smell of delicious food when you pass by the captain’s restaurant that good old Jack Sparrow won playing cards on the island of Tortuga!

What’s the appeal of this attraction? Well, it’s in the décor designed for everyone. You’ll move from island to island, discovering Caribbean villages that are attacked by pirates. Then there will be mysterious caves full of hidden treasures. The appeal of Pirates of the Carribean captivates and takes us back to our childhood. The attraction consists of 3 descents that provide a thrill, but are not scary. There is no height limit, so it appeals to children and adults alike!

Big Thunder Mountain

Let’s go back to the 19th century… During the gold rush, the first prospectors discovered Thunder Mountain and the entrepreneur, Mr. Ravenswood, decided to use it to find gold! He found and was able to build his magnificent home, which would later become a ghostly estate. Mr. Ravenswood did not know the Indian legend that says those who try to steal gold from Thunder Mountain will be cursed for the rest of their lives … It is said that Mr. Ravenswood’s daughter, Melanie, fell in love, got engaged and decided to leave the manor, which sent her father into a black rage! No one knows what happened next … But since then, Ravenswood Mansion has become a haunted house …

Big Thunder Mountain is one of the craziest places in the Wild West and one of the best Frontierland rides at Disney Paris! Here you board a crazy train that will take you on a journey through every corner of the gold mine. There are no loops or spins on this ride, but the good speed and some of the descents, will make you feel the adrenaline! Disney representatives have also done a great job of storytelling on this ride and you will really feel like you are in the gold rush era!

Fastpass service is highly recommended on Big Thunder Mountain (the 90-minute line for this attraction is not uncommon). The minimum height for a Wild West traveler is 1.02 meters.

Phantom Manor

Phantom Manor is both a delight and a horror at the same time! At the moment it is under restoration. And we can’t wait to see how this fantastic and unusual attraction opens. It certainly was one of the most successful Disney Paris attractions! Indeed, more than just an attraction, it’s actually a whole land that exists around Ghost Manor, but also Big Thunder Mountain… And besides, the latter is right in front of Ghost Manor in the 2nd position. If Big Thunder Mountain and Ghost Manor didn’t exist … the whole Frontierland probably wouldn’t exist either!

Ghost Manor is Ravenswood Manor, which remains a great home even if you quickly realize from the outside that it’s abandoned, and not yesterday. In the lobby, you will hear a mysterious voice “greeting” you. From there, you will need to listen and follow his instructions. First, enter a room decorated with portraits that look very peculiar … Then, the doors will open and the voice will lead you down the corridor, drawing pictures of people you don’t know. Members of the cast direct you to the wagons to discover the heart of the manor … Although “The Haunted Manor” is frightening, it is above all fascinating in its decor, history and various scenes.

Star Wars

Another attraction, at Disneyland Paris, which more than, deserves to be included in the top 10! More precisely, its new version, which did not disappoint fans! In addition, this new version allows you to use more than 60 different combinations and allows you to explore unusual regions of our solar system! This interactive attraction will evolve with the release of new Star Wars movies. As new storylines have already been added to the attraction since the release of Episode VIII.

Star Tours, adventures can still be found at Discoveryland in Disneyland’s main park. Fastpass service is available here. The minimum height is 1.02 meters.

Crush’s Coaster

Ready to discover the East Australian current? That’s why this attraction ranks fifth in our top 10! Go on a turtle shell that rotates 360° and experience a whirlwind of emotions as you ride across the Indian Ocean – easy! Crush Coaster is a very popular attraction and there is often a big line here! So, catch a tip, on this attraction you can use the aisle called Single Rider (for those who don’t care to ride together) which means that one by one they put you in the carriage to another group!

Crush Coaster is located at Walt Disney Studios Park and offers a Single Rider service. The minimum height is 1.07 m.

Hollywood Tower

Welcome to the hotel or should I say elevator! Here you will have a chance to relive the terrible night in 1939 when 5 people disappeared forever in the elevator of the infamous Hollywood Tower Hotel. Where did these people go? They went … to the 4th dimension, and you will soon join them! The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is at number 6 in this ranking because it has everything you expect from a Disney attraction: thrills and a super scary story.

From start to finish, you’ll feel like you’re part of this universe. The technical team behind the ride will help you to immerse yourself in this very strange, dark and slightly disturbing atmosphere of the Hollywood Tower Hotel. After the video introduction, you will be invited by a somewhat special butler into the elevator that will take you to the 4th dimension. Bypass it if you don’t like the feeling of weightlessness!

The Hollywood Tower Hotel elevator is located in Walt Disney Studios Park and is equipped with Fastpass service. The minimum height is 1.02 meters.


This is one of the newest attractions of Disneyland Paris. It is located in the Walt Disney Studios. For this attraction, the Disney team recreated the real Paris in miniature from the cartoon Ratatouille, with its beautiful Ottoman houses and magnificent fountains. A real joy for adults and children, because this place represents a very romantic Paris.

Besides the little mouse Remy, there is, of course, the attraction itself, which ranks 7th in this ranking. From the queue, you are immersed in Paris at night, with soft accordion chords by Gusto’s restaurant, which sparkles in the distance … and which hides some surprises if you look.

Then you’ll sit in a carriage shaped like a little mouse and find yourself in Gusto’s restaurant! Then shrink down to Remy’s size and wander through the restaurant’s kitchen and you’ll feel the heat of the oven and smell the oranges inside the pantry. It’s an absolutely thrilling ride where you’ll feel more like an audience member than an audience member! The highlight of the show is at the end of the ride, when suddenly, you see a great table service restaurant, Le Bistrot chez Rémy, which is an exact replica of the mouse restaurant at the end of the cartoon. You will be able to eat your dinner sitting on a champagne cork and have the lid of a jam jar as a table, and of course you will have the opportunity to try the famous ratatouille!

Ratatouille has Fastpass and Single Rider services.

Peter Pan

Ah, the flight of Peter Pan … How can you not include it in the top list of the best attractions at Disneyland Paris. It is one of the most poetic attractions in the park. Not without reason, the waiting time exceeds 60 minutes each day (this is definitely the only downside to be found in it). In this case, you can use our service VIP escort to Disneyland.

On a magical pirate ship you’ll fly over London and imaginary land to immerse yourself in the story of Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Tinkerbell, Michael and all the lost children. The appeal of this attraction, in spite of its dark history, is that it is the least scary. Indeed Pinocchio and Snow White, the other two rides with their negative characters, are much more focused on the darker aspects of their cartoons than Peter Pan: the ugly witch Snow White, Stromboli and Pleasure Island for Pinocchio.

The Peter Pan ride is located in the main Disneyland park in the Fantasyland area and has a Fastpass service.

Rock ‘n’ Roller

Do you want the ultimate thrill? Then this is the place for you. Welcome to Tour de Force Records, you will witness the recording of the new musical single with the iconic rock band Aerosmith. Thanks to innovative sound and light technology, you’ll get to experience the full power of the musical group. And the roller coaster ride with hyper rock and roll is a power of over 100 km / hour. In a few minutes you’ll have an amazing ride with incredible loops and descents. And the music, rhythm and lighting effects will make this visit unforgettable.

The Rock ‘n’ Roller can be found in the Walt Disney Studios park, it’s also equipped with the Fastpass system and the minimum height requirement is 1,20 meters.

Disney’s Little World

Yes, one of the attractions of the park, which is certainly the most fabulous of all the above attractions in Disneyland Paris, is at our 10 th place in the ranking of the best attractions in Disneyland Paris. A world created by Walt Disney himself in 1964 for the New York World’s Fair in partnership with UNICEF and the PEPSI Co. It was so successful that Walt decided to integrate it into his first park … Disneyland in California. It is often said that the happiest thing about the park is its atmosphere!

Here each country, region is represented by small scenes with a mix of animation, theater of small wool puppets dressed in local costumes, animals (also in the form of animation) and famous monuments (Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, London Bridge, etc.). But what we especially remember about Little World is the music that stays in our heads for the rest of the day … Did you know that for the original version, the team that created the attraction, traveled all over Europe to record a song in several languages with a local choir?

At Disneyland Paris, “It’s a Small World” is located in Fantasyland, and it’s easy to find, especially because of the noise of the clock that can be heard from Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

Parents’ Choice – The Best Attractions at Disneyland Paris

We’re not big fans of thrill rides, and we especially like things that are poetic and fun. Our list of the best rides at Disneyland Paris, we didn’t hesitate to choose Peter Pan, Ratatouille et Buzz. These, in our opinion, are the three attractions in Disneyland Paris that you can’t miss. After all, they bring the whole family together and make everyone happy. Add a few looping rides to this list, among Minus’ favorites, and you have your perfect day at Disneyland Paris!!! And don’t miss, the evening Disney Illuminations show at the castle, it’s gorgeous and unforgettable!