Holiday options in France

Holiday options in France are quite diverse. After all, France is a European country, very attractive to tourists. This is due to the fact that the choice of tourists offered a wide variety of routes. And decide where you want to rest, pretty easy, based on personal preferences.


France – a country with a rich history, a favorable climate, unique cuisine, it is the center of world fashion and a great place to stay. It has both ocean and sea coasts, mountains, beautiful cities, many museums and historical monuments. All this multicolored, colorful mosaic attracts a huge number of tourists to the country every year.

The main types of tours to France and approximate prices is a question that worries any traveler who intends to go to the homeland of Exupery, Van Gogh, Dumas, Cézanne and many other geniuses who gave the world France. Tours and prices depend on the chosen destination, period of stay in the country and the specifics of the tour.

Weekend in Paris

The program of the tour includes a visit to a museum, a sightseeing tour of Paris, an information meeting, a tour of Montmartre. This is a sightseeing tour, its cost from 170 euros, and this does not include the price of visas and airfare.

Today, among couples in love, who want to get married, very popular tour “Engagement in France. This tour is much more expensive, its cost from 1500 euros and above. But the tour program is such that the newlyweds will surely remember this trip for a lifetime as one of the best trips. Just the two of you will sail on a yacht along the Seine, ride in a limousine through the Champs Elysees and see the most beautiful monuments of Paris. A candlelit dinner awaits you on deck. Then cruise to the bridge of lovers where hundreds of scarlet roses will fall at your feet. This tour lasts only one day, but its impressions will be enough for a lifetime.

Thus, the prices for holidays in France, depending on the program and the duration of the tour. Do not ponder on how much a trip to France costs. First, decide how you want to rest, what places to visit in this wonderful country, and then you can think about the cost of a trip to France.

Many families with children choose a trip to French Disneyland. Usually the tour includes a visit to Paris. Children get into a world of wonder and entertainment, and parents get to see this enchanting city. But in Disneyland enough entertainment for adults, they too will not be bored here. The duration of this trip is a week or 8-9 days.

Bus tours

Very profitable in financial terms a bus trip to France. The cost of such a tour will be three times cheaper than the air travel. But the trip by bus is not only a financial savings, tourists have the opportunity on the way to see other countries and cities, to see Vienna, Prague, Krakow – it depends on the characteristics of the route. Bus tour is an opportunity to see Europe without spending a lot of money on the trip.

Rest on the coast

If you decide to buy a trip to France, the prices of holidays on the coast will be higher than sightseeing tours, which include visits to cities and historical sites. Holidays on the tempting Cote d’Azur coast belongs to the elite category. Famous seaside resorts of France are Antibes, Cannes, Nice, Juan-les-Pins. Typically, wealthy people choose beach tours in France, the cost is quite high.

In general, you choose exactly how you want to rest in this in many ways attractive European country. Whatever holiday you choose, you can say with confidence that the memories of it will stay with you forever.